Temporary Custodians: Day 6

Over halfway through the production process and the 100 component pieces of Temporary Custodians at once carry an aesthetic recognisable from Carlin’s evolving ‘Performance Publishing’ technique, but have also grown into their own unique works – connected to their neighbouring print, and also distinct from it. This could foreshadow the ‘Custodianship’ of the soon-to-be owners – how will the joint ownership of this single large artwork connect these individuals? The nature of this shared responsibility/investment will depend on the Temporary Custodians themselves. (Is this the first time that the name of the artwork is shared by its owner? We hope so!) The concept of Temporary Custodians speaks to the wider interest of many artists at Islington Mill, past and present, who have been keen to explore alternate methods of buying, owning, curating, sharing and exhibiting art. Investing in Temporary Custodians will allow us to do this both materially – by helping to secure the future of the Mill itself – and intellectually, by starting those exciting conversations about alternative futures for art.

The Day 6 full screen montage is a blur of ladders and light reflections and the artist apparently in flight! It’s fun to add your own soundtracks to these if you’re not a fan of the accompanying spacey echo track!

Here’s the Thumbnail version of the same day:

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