Temporary Custodians: Day 5

8 friends have kindly loaned me their old devices (laptops, ipads, smart-phones)to livestream with. I have given each device a name which I change daily. The names for today are: #Tender#connection#reflects#insular#hand#Choice#Equals#Echo. These are keywords, which for me connect to some #TemporaryCustodians themes: care, ability to respond, the lifecycle of an artwork, networked ownership etc. The devices are in a conference call with each other, and so their names rotate according to which device Google thinks is ‘speaking’, creating randomly specific sentences. Some drop out temporarily when they lose wifi connection. I like how the sometimes flowing, sometimes interrupted ‘conversation’ could be an analogy for how groups operate, how a combination of energy, timing, tension etc. can create something meaningful. The aim of this work is to explore how a group of 100 people could become joint-owners and custodians of a large-scale artwork, and the place of its making, as an alternative to single and centralised ownership – a system for collecting art that has remained unchanged since Victorian times. I’m intrigued and excited to see what possibilities and challenges this proposal may bring up over the 10 year period of the project, 2018 – 2028!

– Maurice Carlin

Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill 2018 – 2028

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