Temporary Custodians: Day 1

Day 1

Today Maurice Carlin began a new Temporary Custodians installation, Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill 2018 – 2028, a large scale print installation made up of 100 prints of the floor surface of the 5th floor of Islington Mill. Today the 100 sheets of paper went down and it was live streamed via google hangout on a 9 camera call as shown here.

The aim of the project is to find 100 Temporary Custodians who will each collectively own the entire installation by buying a print for £1000 which will generate £100,000 towards the capital development of the top 2 previously unusable floors of Islington Mill. Where we will create 8 new artist in residence accommodation and retain the 5th floor as a large scale production and events space.

Finding 100 people able to contribute is no mean feat and we need all the help we can get to find people who could contribute which could be in stages over the next 2 years.

So far we have 20 people but we are hoping to more find individuals, groups, collectives, businesses and art collectors who are interested in contributing to the future of Islington Mill and help secure the entire building for future generations.

These could be people interested in supporting Islington Mill, people who love Maurice art work, people who are interested in new ways of doing things and the collective endeavour. If we succeed not only will this secure the future of Islington Mill as a place of experimentation The Temporary Custodian could also pave the way for new ways for art to be commissioned and owned in the future. We already have 20 pieces sold but we need your help to find more people so please spread the word.

We will be posting progress daily over the next 10 days on all formats please share, comment and contribute. Thank You.

Bill Campbell

Director and Founder of Islington Mill

Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill 2018 – 2028

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All films including the Full Day streams in real time, the sped up X60 edits, thumbnail crops and other documentation is archived on the Temporary Custodian Youtube Channel here.

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