Temporary Custodians: Day 2

Day 2

First prints CMYK layer 1

The first coloured layers often dictate the final hue of the finished prints. The marking they pick up from the floor are often the defining textures of the finished print shining through each of the subsequent 10 layers. Some of our first Temporary Custodians had the opportunity to choose the number, position and colour way of their prints and can watch the progress as their particular pieces takes shape.

By the end of this speeded up version of the live stream from Wednesday 31st August the spread of Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black first prints can be seen across the whole installation.

Erika Ruston is one of the first #TemporaryCustodians of Islington Mill – this is a short excerpt from todays live stream showing the first layer of magenta ink going down on the print she has taken custodianship of – no. 21- with expert help and balancing acts from Ely Grey and Jay Brasier-Creagh!

This Day 2 time-lapse of Maurice Carlin ‘ temporary Custodians’ work in progress is from a fixed position rather than the googlehangout documentation which form the live stream from up to 8 devices in a call. This one is a bit easier on the eye!

Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill 2018 – 2028

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