Temporary Custodians: Day 8


The penultimate day of work. Final ink layers are applied that will complete the carefully planned CMYK colour sequences like links in chains of colourful DNA. Throughout the day some unexpected blasts of September sunshine push their way through the grimy panes of glass up on the 5th causing certain colours and colour combinations to unexpectedly pop off the paper. The room feels truly occupied by Temporary Custodians now, the 100 pieces forming a vortex at one end of the vast open space, across which the artist tiptoes from time to time in protective blue plastic shoe covers.

Morry and the Mill team decide to mark the end of the process with an informal get-together the following day, Day 9, marking the completion of the work, acting as a celebration, a get-together, a viewing, and a chance for people to be in the space that has been radically transformed by Temporary Custodians and will radically transform again during the refurbishments that we are working so hard to raise money for. We set about inviting friends, colleagues, potential buyers and supporters to come and view the piece in its entirety at the end of the working day on Friday September 9th. Hope to see you there.

Temporary / Equity / Meaning / Stuff:

Thumbnails from the Google hangout combined for the previous 7 days:

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