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// 27 Feb: Social Art Network ManchesterLast year, The Social Art Summit in Sheffield brought together people from around the country who are working in socially engaged art practice. One of the outcomes was a desire to come together in different places with peers for support and ideas, and to dig down into the meaning and motivations of social art. Hosted by Social Art Network, this is the first Greater Manchester get-together, a chance for artists, activists, academic, community groups and others to explore what it means to be making art through social engagement right now. Ideas will also be floated towards the Social Art Summit of 2020, so get involved and please share!

// 6 March: Two films will be screened for free as part of Islington Mill Art Academy’s open sessions. ‘My Recoverist Family’ follows legendary performer David Hoyle and a group of queer artists as they explore recovery and creativity in a radical art-drive confrontation with accepted norms, both from straight society and recovery culture. ‘This Is My Face’ follows a group of HIV+ men in Chile who use portraiture to express the truths behind their unfairly silenced and often shamed status in society. Both film directors will be in conversation and everyone is welcome to bring food for the potluck sharing meal.

In brief…

// Our A–Z of Residents is (we think!) pretty up to date and brimming with talent, check out who is currently making stuff at Islington Mill and our neighbouring studios.

// Sounds From The Other City present their Quindecennial. 15 promoters celebrate years of the festival in an awesome warehouse space Salford.
Movie time…

impaTV documented HOME curator Bren O’Callaghan as he introduced the maximal colour-soaked world of John Walter at the ‘Capsid’ exhibition in 2018. HIV acts as a metaphor for ideas, branding and information in a hypercolour mix of video, paint and fabric.