Allan Melzack, Board Member

What’s your relationship with Islington Mill and can you describe what the Mill means to you?

I have been visiting the Mill over more than 8 years for exhibitions, events, studio visits, meals, residencies and music. Over this time I have seen the Mill to be an exciting and inspirational place which has had profound influence on the local art ecology as well as being noticed and important in both the regional and national art worlds. The Mill through its vibrant community has also established many international contacts and has a highly respected reputation for innovation and enabling freedom for artists.

What’s a memorable experience that the Mill has made possible for you?

The installations of Alistair McClymont and Sophie Clements whose residencies at the Mill we financially supported in 2013. Their work stays in the memory as does the exhibition Brittle Crazy Glass which was held the previous year as part of the Manchester Contemporary when we first met the artists

Islington Mill is about to build a major 8 bedroom unique residency space on the top 2 floors unique for Salford and the region – based on your own interests what kind of projects are you looking forward to seeing happen in that space particularly in 2019 and beyond?

I would want to see artists creating work which is outside their usual boundaries and having the freedom and space to experiment with new ways of thinking and working. Having more space will allow more artists to be in residence together and so be able to interact and share ideas and influences. This would have very beneficial effects on their work and create new relationships.

What does the ideal future of Islington Mill look like to you?

Continuing to be a place where artists and those interested in the arts as well as those who may become interested will want to come and spend time. it will be a place of excitement and inspiration and accessible to all. It will enable expansive thinking and working and will be a place where ideas and skills can be shared and encouraged.

What/who is currently influencing your work or your thinking?

I am enjoying being newly retired and not having the constraint of regular employment.