Islington Mill is Queer

Islington Mill is Queer!

Islington Mill is Queer is an audio project developed from conversations between Bill Campbell and Niall O’Conghaile to uncover and document the queer influence on the space through a series of interviews.

The recordings are focussing on the creatives based at Islington Mill who identify as queer and the influence their queer outlook has had on the space and its culture. That includes not just the historical events that have occurred in the space (which can be easily identified as “queer” in nature, such as specific club nights and art events), but also the general queer influence on Islington Mill’s overall culture, and how that queer outlook is going to help shape the Mill’s future as it progresses into a new decade.

Rivca Burns

Emma Thompson

Jayne Compton

Partisan Collective

A written interview with Partisan can be found here

Joe Spencer and The Niallist

Bill Campbell

Maurice Carlin

Cheddar Gorgeous and Liquorice Black

Tribute to Trish Dee aka Louise Woodcock

Rachel Goodyear


We will be releasing one interview each month, with the first release coinciding with LGBT+ history month.

Queer histories in general are are very important to document as they often tend to be overlooked by heteronormative society. It is important to note that this is not always done on purpose, as queer cultures tend to exist in liminal spaces and can be hard to access for those who are not directly involved in them. Queer people living in a heteronormative society, don’t often get the chance to tell their own stories. Their history is often documented by outsiders who unfortunately, can get that history wrong.