Events on Regents Trading Estate

We are currently undergoing extensive renovations in the main Islington Mill building to make this space more accessible.

In the meantime our events are mostly held in warehouse units on the Regent Trading Estate.

It is possible to enter both spaces without using a step, this involves us raising a barrier. If you can let us know ahead of time whether you will need us to do this that would be great, but if not you can let someone know on the day. Most of our events the barrier will already be up unless we have had to close it for weather or noise reasons, in which case we will lift for you when requested.

Neither of our units has a fully accessible toilet or space inside a cubicle for a wheelchair. This is something that we are working to remedy and we will update if this changes.

We have taken measurements of the doorways, turning points and corridors in the unit spaces. If this information would give you confidence in attending one of our events please let us know and we will provide you with it.



Last Fridays

On the last Friday of every month we will be opening our doors and welcoming everyone to join us for a new series of Last Fridays events, a regular date in the calendar for all studio holders, Mill community and extended friends and neighbours to come together, share and make wonderful things.

These events will take place on the gallery space on the ground floor. To get to the gallery space, you go in through the main door of the Islington Mill building on James Street, head to the end of the entrance corridor and look to your right and the gallery is the glass fronted room on your right. The ground floor of Islington Mill is wheelchair accessible and there is an accessible toilet.

On last Fridays there will be the opportunity to go on tours of our spaces across our site, including our new building New Islington Mill (NIM), which sits behind the old Islington Mill building, the 5th floor of Islington Mill which is being redeveloped into residency space, and adjacent Regents Trading Estate, on which some of our tenants occupy several of the former warehouse spaces in Units 2-5 and where our community garden Bee Corner is located.

If you are interested in going on a tour of the spaces as part of your visit, please be aware that there is no step free or wheelchair access to the 5th floor of Islington Mill or New Islington Mill (NIM) at present. We are nearing the end of the building works but there is still a way to go before this is fully completed on Islington Mill and New Islington Mill (NIM), and the lifts for both of these buildings have not yet been installed. The New Islington Mill (NIM) is still a building site and therefore not wheelchair accessible. Access to the upper levels of Islington Mill (5th floor) and New Islington Mill (1st and 2nd floors) will be via stairs. A visit to Unit 4 on Regents Trading Estate will also be included in the tour of the site. There is a single step at the entrance to Unit 4. Step free access to Unit 4 can be provided via opening the shutter door, please let us know at the event if you require this.

New Islington Mill (NIM) and the 5th floor are active building sites and you will be required to wear a hard hat to enter these spaces. We will be using temporary lighting in NIM and you will be guided round NIM using battery powered lamps. Not all parts of the building will be well lit, as it goes dark outside some unlit parts of the space will become dark and others may only be lit very dimly, this may impact visibility when navigating the space. Please be mindful of this when moving around the space on a tour and take extra care, particularly when using steps.

If you have any concerns about entering any spaces as part of a tour due to anything mentioned above, or any other reasons, please come and speak to us about this at the event.

We are really excited for when the building works are completed and our spaces are much more accessible and we can welcome everyone to come and explore them all without these restrictions and we appreciate your patience and understanding with this until that time.

Members of the Mill team will be on hand on during Last Fridays events to answer any questions you have about accessibility or anything else.


Further information

If you need a PA (personal assistant) ticket for an event please let us know. If it is an internal event we are happy to provide a free ticket, if it is an external event we will do our best to ensure a free ticket.

Assistance dogs are allowed at all times, if you are planning to attend with an assistance dog please let us know in advance where possible.

If someone is harrassing you or making you feel uncomfortable please inform a member of staff.

If you need to go to a quiet room please let a member of staff know, for larger events this may be a short (5 minute) walk or may be outside.

If you have accessibility requirements please email and we will do our best to assist.

We are still learning and working on how to make our spaces more inclusive. We will update the information here as our understanding and site develops.