At home with Islington Mill

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A snapshot of life in lockdown from Islington Mill tenants and staff.
Making, doing, doing nothing, living, creating, writing and thinking…


Christian Weaver  / ‘Taken from my balcony the other day…’



FatOut Fest / Reimagining Shakespears Sister’s classic ‘Stay’



Jess Coulson  / The new coronavirus Neighbourhood Watch



Martin Staples  /  Artisan item raffle to support Salford Royal Hospital 



TV Babies / ‘motherlode‘ (2019)



Erika Rushton / Nominated for ‘Game Changer’ Award for work at Liverpool’s Baltic Creative



Greg Thorpe / On ‘Quarantania, I by Louise Bourgeois.



Freya Wysocki  / New work in lockdown



Heather Bell  / “A photography project where I dig deep and bring out multiple personalities to document the difference in response to being in lockdown”



Bohemian Drifters / Lockdown portrait from Mahwish: “spending time re-connecting with nature”



Tara Collette  /  Happy Banners 



Mariel Osborn  / Found object sculpture project  #FoundObjectsFriday



Dez Rez Projects  / Insta exhibition from IMMA alumni in support of Victoria Baths



Natalie Linney & Tasha Whittle  / Remembering Everything I Know I Felt (2020)



Mark Moore  / “simple illustrations due to lack of resources, developing an illustration style



GNOD & João Pais Filipe / A taster of Faca De Fogo.