Islington Mill Studios

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At Islington Mill we are currently dealing with a serious and unresolved issue with patron noise and our neighbouring residents. It means that for the time being we have seriously reduced our activity. We will continue to host regular creative events so keep an eye on our events page for more information as it arrives.

In the meantime please bear with us and be patient, we will post more information as soon as we have it and will no doubt be requiring your support so please stick with us.

Thank You,

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Noise Restrictions

Just as Islington Mill has taken a giant step forward with our successful Arts Council bid, we are simultaneously being restrained by a complaint about patron noise which has resulted in the Statutory Noise Nuisance notice under a 7 day deferral from Salford City Council. The suddenness of this development seems to negate the efforts we have previously made to work with the Cou…

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