ISLINGTON MILL \\ NEWS \\ 17.10.19

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Tonight (17 Oct) is the launch of the first part of the Islington Mill Art Academy year-end show. Andrew Hicklin presents In The Face of Adversity from 6.30pm in Unit 4 Regent Trading Estate. Featuring a teepee-like structure which will be the site of healing works and live performance. Then tomorrow evening (Fri 18) sees the launch of the full IMAA show, entitled ‘All we have…‘ across multiple spaces at the Mill and Regent Trading Estate. The show marks the end of the Academy’s year-long Mill residency and runs until the 21st.

18 Oct is also the deadline for two new roles of Projects Coordinator and General Manager for Islington Mill Foundation, our new charity. Click the links to read and apply. Join the Mill family!

21–22 Oct: The Refinery is a 2-day dive into skill sets for facilitating groups and teams. Come and refine your style alongside fellow experienced peers.

26 Oct sees a full day of workshops at Manchester Art Gallery in which Mill artists tackle a single idea: How can we use art and creativity to live better? The event is called The Value of Art and takes place over two different sessions which can be booked individually. Read more and get yourself a ticket.

Plus, here’s a handy Salford Makers workshop bulletin for your diary:

Plenty to keep you busy…!

Before we sign off we also want to say happy birthday to The National Lottery. Since The National Lottery’s first draw took place on 19 November 1994, more than £40 billion has been raised for good causes in the areas of arts, sport, heritage and community. The 25th birthday is a moment to celebrate the extraordinary impact The National Lottery has had on the UK, and to say thank you to National Lottery players for contributing around £30 million to good causes every week. The National Lottery has made more than 5,500 millionaires but its primary purpose is giving to good causes – over 565,000 individual grants have been awarded across the UK, that’s the equivalent of 200 life-changing projects in every UK postcode district. We are proud of and grateful for our support from The National Lottery for all the work we do. Happy quarter century…!

Okay, remember we mentioned the forthcoming IMPATV / QUJAKU tour? Well here’s a slick little trailer to whet your appetites…