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Hope everyone is enjoying their summertime! Here’s a brief run-down of our current events to keep you all up to date…

// 24 August: IMPATV and Golden Ratio Frequencies present Stereocilia / Maxwell Owain Reynish / Victoria Macarte /  AHRKH gong bath at The Fridge, Unit 2 Regent Trading Estate. Link and tickets here.

// Until 1 Sept: The 0161 Community are sitting pretty at Unit 4 Regent Trading Estate for a month-long activity residency. The activity line-up includes barbecue afternoons, art and graffiti workshops, boxing and martial arts, film club and much more. Great for kids and grown-ups alike.

// Until 15 Sept: Aliyah Hussain, ‘Always Mysteries of the Tongue‘. Mill artist Aliyah’s new show opens at HOME on Friday from 6pm. The work explores language via its symbols, emojis, glyphs and other visuals, drawing on science fiction and the everyday. Across both spaces at the Granada Foundation Galleries. FREE.

// 8 September: Islington Mill artists join the creative crew for the Mad Pride All Dayer, “a celebration of the compulsive creativity emerging from mental health survivors and our comrades. We seek to promote solidarity, establish support networks and raise awareness of the challenges survivors encounter in living with mental distress in our community and beyond.” Link.