0161 Community: Month at the Mill

0161 Community: Month at the Mill

0161 Community promotes a unified and strong working class identity across our city. People from all backgrounds unite to take control of their neighbourhoods. We seek to empower the unheard and provide everyone with skills, guidance and confidence.

0161 will be in residence at Islington Mill from 4 August to 1 September.

We want YOU to be involved!

We open daily from 10–1 and 2–5. Drop-in, have a brew, say hello, tag our radical map of Salford and find out more about the project. We are open and welcome to all visitors. Need a place to work or share ideas, or want to take a class or watch a movie? Get involved! It’s all free.

Here is our timetable of activity for the month:

Sunday 1st and Sunday 4th, 2–7pm:

Community BBQs, all welcome!

Weekly events and classes…


11am­–12pm: Kids beginner’s boxing


12–3: Film / documentary making

4–6pm: Graffiti for all ages


11am­–12pm: Adult beginner’s boxing

7–9pm:  Adult mixed martial arts


10am–1pm: Art school

6–7pm: Creative writing


11am­–12pm: Kids beginner’s boxing

7–10pm: Film screenings


10am–1pm: Art and MDF with Lizzie Hobbs

2–5pm: Mural painting with Will Setchell


12pm: Kids film club

2–4pm: Kid’s games and activities

5pm: Community dinner


Please e-mail info@0161community.com or check our Facebook for more details

Venue: Unit 4, Regent Trading Estate