Islington Mill is at Manchester Contemporary this week

Only a week and a bit after the creation process has completed and we’re already slowly creeping towards the halfway mark for sales of Maurice Carlin‘s Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill 2018 – 2028.

We are featuring this project in our booth at The Manchester Contemporary  Art Fair this week and weekend, starting tomorrow 22 September through Sunday 25 September. Full visitor info is here.

We’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the stand, so stop by to take a look, say hello & buy a print!

The 100 unique pieces are relief prints taken from different portions of a vast expanse of floor at the Mill, constructed with multiple layers of CMYK ink applied to large sheets of white paper resulting in hypnotic prints that reveal the hidden textures and imprints of the abandoned 5th floor of Islington Mill.

Every penny from the sale of the works goes towards the fundraising campaign that will turn the very same floor into new work/live spaces for generations of future artists, and to install a badly-needed new roof for this ageing listed building where hundreds of artists live and work.

Everyone who buys a print also becomes a ‘Temporary Custodian’, giving them membership to a select group of supporters with whom the Mill will have open conversations about the future of the institution, share resources and ideas, as well as giving you access to special events and more.

Come and support the Mill by supporting this project: buying a print, spreading the word, every little bit counts!