FAT OUT FEST IS BACK // 27.10.22

27 October 2022


This isn’t a drill. The FAT OUT posse are returning to celebrate the real queer creative underground with intense, experimental and downright rowdy music & performance art.

Here are TEN things you should know about this year’s FAT OUT FEST extravaganza:

1. It takes place from Friday night until early Monday morning THIS WEEKEND (28–30 Oct).

2. It’s been co-curated with a stunning array of creatives, namely: EAT ME, CREATURES OF CATHARSIS, FRixXxion, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS & SEREN MARIMBA.

3. Yes you read that right, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS is back after a 10 year hiatus.

4. It will take you from various spaces in and around Islington Mill to The White Hotel and back again INCLUDING a revival party in the original Islington Mill Club Space. YOU HEARD. 

5. There will be a ton of live music, DJs, performance art, vegan food, cabaret, house, circus, ballroom, techno, drag, punk, dance, and stuff that doesn’t even have a names yet. 

6. It will be a safe, hassle-free, loving set-up run by queers and genuine allies for the same.

7. Some events are selling QUICK so be even QUICKER.

8. There will be artists repping from local, national and international scenes. Get into it.

9. You can purchase all your tickets here, including low income offers. 

10. Black Lives Matter. Trans Rights Are Human Rights. FAT OUT FOREVER.