Workers Rights – Creative Practitioner Call Out

Workers Rights Creative Practitioner Brief


This is part of our social history research projects which aim to better understand the historical and communal value of Islington Mill through documentary research.

The Islington Mill heritage team will support the Creative Practitioner with research, producing an exhibition or event to showcase the work and interpreting it digitally for our timeline and resource tool kit. 

By working with the research the Creative Practitioner will also provide the national context (pre-social welfare) and how workers’ rights developed from this time in their piece. 

It will also provide an international context of people’s rights today and a link to the story of the global textile trade.  


Workers Rights through writing, poetry, performance

Islington Mill would like to form the following areas of focus into a creative writing exhibition to share with our target audiences:

  • The development of workers rights in Manchester and Salford.
  • Birth of trade unions.
  • International context of the global textile trade today.


Creative Practitioner

We would like the Creative Practitioner to have previous experience in exhibiting their poetry and creative writing. We want the Creative Practitioner to use existing and new documentary research into workers rights over the 200 year period to deliver a piece of creative writing which we can use firstly in an exhibition then to digitally collate into a living archive.  Islington Mill will have the right to use the final piece in future exhibitions and on their digital platforms.



Submission of interest by 10.00am Tuesday 15th March, written work to be completed by April 29th for presentation (performance or exhibition) in May 2022.



£800 (inclusive of materials)



Jess Coulson