Partisan Collective to join Islington Mill

We are thrilled to announce that Partisan Collective will be joining the Islington Mill family. From our initial explorations around our shared interests and common values, we are excited about the potential to grow with Partisan from here as our creative community expands into the neighbouring Regents Trading Estate.

As Islington Mill, we are eager and curious to learn from Partisan’s co-operative principles, in particular as we develop our plans for a ‘Queer Home’, a queered experiment in shared living, imagining and being.

Equally, we endeavour to continue to share our own journey towards long-term stability and sustainability¬†with Partisan and other artist-led and community-focused organisations. We believe that working towards achieving this stability is of crucial importance, in particular for the many of our communities who have experienced a lack of safety and security in the wider world. It is also central to the City of Salford’s motto which translates as ‘The welfare of the people is the highest law.’

Partisan will initially take up home at Unit 2, Regents Trading Estate. Unit 2 is the former home of art label and gallery Caustic Coastal, to whom we want to thank for their brilliant contributions towards turning this former industrial space into a space for art and artists.