Showcasing Islington Mill Audio Artists

2 July 2020 

In the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of Islington Mill’s musicians and sound artists have lost work and income due to cancelled shows and no live output.

Many of the artists have music available to buy online and in this special sound artist newsletter we invite you to find out more about some of our incredible artists and consider purchasing their work in physical or digital format to help support them through this difficult time.

On Friday 3rd July will once again host a monthly day of support by waiving all of their sales fees.

This means that all proceeds from music sales on that day go directly to artists.

From Bandcamp:

“The pandemic and its impact on the music community aren’t over, so on Friday July 3, we’re waiving our revenue share for all sales on Bandcamp, from midnight to midnight PDT (Check for timezone demystification).
Musicians will continue to feel the effects of lost touring income for many months to come, so we’re also sharing ideas on how fans can support the artists they love and how artists can give fans new, creative ways to provide support. Read more here.

Now to meet the artists….

Name: John Powell- Jones
Project/musician/sounds/band: Sound work by visual artist John Powell-Jones


Name: Emer & Kaskie
Project/musician/sounds/band: GY!PA (Godspeed You! Peter Andre)
Genre/description: Witch Techno


Name: Lowri Evans
Project/musician/sounds/band: Hotpants Romance
Genre/description: Girl garage pop. Think a Blackpool Shangri-Las


Name: Alex Wilson
Project/musician/sounds/band: GHOLD / SHUCK / Mummise Guns
Genre/description: Metal, noise rock, punk, psyche


Name: Darren Adcock
Project/musician/sounds/band: Various projects
Genre/description: Noise


Name : Natalie Sharp
Project/musician/sounds/band: Lone Taxidermist / BodyVice
Genre/description: Experimental full fat immersive sensory performance Bio Artist


Name: Christian Weaver, percussion, saxophones (studio 317)
Project/musician/sounds/bands: Latimbala / D/O
Genre/description: Afrocuban, jazz / Improvisation, exploring flow of disorder & order


Name: Chris Haslam
Project/musician/sounds/band: Co-founder of GNOD. Solo work under the name Dwellings.
Genre/description: Collaboration and improvisation is my main jam. I’ve collaborated & performed with Charles Hayward, Faust, White Hills, Radar Men From The Moon, Locean and more. The main instruments I play are bass, guitar, synths & samplers.


Name: Alex Macarte

Micro-label for trance inducers, stress reducers, sonic meditations, sun salutations, deep vibrations, and drone emanations. Mind body and soul re-calibration through aural mind expansion.
Ambient, new age, drone, devotional, experimental.

Ultradimensional Transportation Music for synthesiser and voice.
Ambient, noise, psychedelic, experimental.

Sonic Experimental Collective with a chameleon-like ever-evolving  sound.
Repetition repetition repetition!
A split release is imminent with BSMU with 50% of proceeds going towards supporting Asylum Seekers in Direct Provision in Eire.


And finally…

An Islington Mill site-specific soundscape produced by Owen Herbert, John D’alton & Rhys Mills.
Title: Untitled (rain)
Description: Soundscape made from record of rainfall, Storm Dennis, Islington Mill 18:40, 15.02.2020