Meet the team: Stef Wyke, General Manager

Who are you, and how are you?

I am Stef and today I aim to survive through consumption of coffee and snacks, thank you!


What’s your role here at Islington Mill?

I am the General Manager, My role is new to Islington Mill. In a nutshell my focus is organisational development supporting the introduction of systems and processes. Connecting, building and maintaining existing and new relationships. Working to support Islington Mill Foundation to cement their foundations and flourish. Supporting the project coordinators to plan, create and implement a programme of work taking into consideration the 5 strands Islington Mill have identified – Queering, Textiles, Heritage, Artists and Activists. and anything else that comes my way.


Can you tell us something about your background before you came to the Mill?

Over the past decade I have worked within the health and wellbeing sector with Public Health, Health Improvement and Statutory Services that relate to people’s human rights. Before that I worked as a freelance film artist and for a not for profit contemporary art gallery. My home is a place of noise and creativity which I am now able to extend into all areas of my day, this ultimately makes me happy.


What were/are your first impressions of Islington Mill?

I first came to the Mill in a haze……I definitely have memories but they appear locked away in the vortex of my mind. I frequented the Mill between 2008 to 2012 on and off….. I then had kids and stopped being sociable.

Islington Mill to me is a hive of positive activity, a safe place to develop and just be. The range of artists, creatives and businesses in the Mill community is astonishing. I feel thankful that I am here.


What are you particularly excited about working on or developing at Islington Mill?

The scope of my role is pretty vast, I am looking forward to all the challenges ahead (not lying) and being part of the amazing future. There’s so much to absorb about the history that the past month has flown by.

I have just realised that the above is such a generic answer! So actually giving an answer: I am excited to get to know the Mill community and from getting to know people and their practice/businesses see how we can build further our relationships. What can we do to support each other, skill share and develop, pass on knowledge, what can help us progress etc


Do you have a vision for the future of Islington Mill?

I do.


Finally, as a git to our followers, is there something you have experienced, a book maybe, a piece of art, some music, a thought, a realisation, a place in the world that has moved you and that you would like to share with us?

I thought I would share a few artists/creatives/academics that I like. I met Petri Eskelinen on a trip an age ago but have followed his progress ever since. His work is incredible, have a look @petreske or

I remember being memorised watching Buna create a huge piece of art in a performance, the room was dark and the music loud. I’m into the rawness of work like this.

Then there’s Anne Bean, her distinctive voice and presence remains within you years after performances and viewing her work.

Locally I would say if you like concrete and brutal architecture then Dr. Brook is your go to. His built archive (which is still ongoing) is immense and for those who are into this sort of thing…beautiful:

And to wrap things up there is Sam Owen Hull, her stitching is one of wonder and joy. She is a pretty amazing person.


Thanks so much Stef, and welcome to the family.