SiOE SHOW #2 // SJ Hockett @ Siop Shop

For SiOE SHOW #2 at Siop Shop we only had one man in mind… our brand talisman and very dear friend SJ Hockett. He’s kindly graced us with his hands since the birth of Blawd through to the rising of SiOP SHOP.

His practice spans many disciplines including print, motion graphics, sculpture, illustration and creative/art direction.

The real beauty within Steve’s work is the marriage of all these mediums to create work which is as solid as they are loose. His hand is always present, the lines are slack but the final aesthetic is nothing but distinct and efficacious.

The work evokes a sense of melancholy, anxiety and vulnerability, but at the expense of himself, the result is always amusing and positive to the viewer.

Proceedings kick off at 6pm. A limited supply of refreshments and SJ Hockett curated doughnuts will be served throughout the evening.