New Artist Commission in Fat Out’s Burrow


Artist commission for artist mural on the ground floor walls of Islington Mill in conjunction with the Phase Two launch of Fat Out’s two year programming residency.

Details of this opportunity:  

  • A two week artist residency.
  • 5 day exhibition in the Islington Mill Gallery alongside the Phase Two launch events.
  • A six month permanent exhibition on the ground floor walls of Islington Mill.


Date of residency: 14th – 27th March 2016

Deadline for submission: 12th January 2016

Interviews: 27th / 28th January 2016

Artist fee: £1500

Materials Budget: £300


Fat Out’s Burrow is a two year programming residency in the Islington Mill event space. In March 2016, Fat Out enters enters the second phase of their residency and are looking for an artist(s) to redesign the ground floor wall murals as part of an artist residency in conjunction with a 5 day series of events.

Fat Out have been successful in receiving Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England funding, which will enable this paid artist commission as well as a five day series of events collaborating with national promoters and the hiring of a marketing assistant.

Working with handpicked national promoters and artists: Cacophonous Sarcophagus (Bristol), Supernormal Festival (Oxford), Optimo Music (Glasgow), Now Wave (Manchester) and High Hoops (London/Manchester), Fat Out will collaborate, producing a diverse lineup of original events. These events will showcase the direction they are taking their programming as well as establishing a new partnership with promoters around the UK. During this launch period the artist work will be on display in the Islington Mill gallery.

This paid opportunity for artist(s) is a chance for their work to be seen by large audiences over a six month period on the ground floor walls of Islington Mill. This space is open for public access on average 5 times a week for live events, exhibition openings and public tours.

To apply please send CV and statement of interest to

Please include:

  • A proposal for the concept for the ground floor wall murals.
  • Details of what you would want to achieve during your artist residency.
  • Details of your proposed exhibition during the launch and how this will engage with the audience.