Coming Up For Air
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air is a project which explores the creative possibilities that emerge from limiting pieces to a single breath. The project was initially inspired by the performances of two works for solo flute which both feature extreme breath manipulation and control; Brian Ferneyhough’s Unity Capsule  and Alvin Lucier’s Self Portrait for Flute & Wind Anemometer. Kathryn also faced her own respiration limitations through a severe sinus condition and an asthma diagnosis, serious issues for a flautist.

Kathryn’s sinus condition required an operation, which was made possible with the generous support of Help Musicians UK. The procedure was successful and transformed her flute playing and breathing.

The first set of newly commissioned single-breath pieces will be unveiled on Wednesday 7 June, Islington Mill, Salford.


Alvin Lucier Self Portrait for Flute & Wind Anemometer

Single-breath pieces by composers including: Michael Baldwin, Megan Grace Beugger, Laura Bowler, CHAINES, Vitalija Glovackyte, Larry Goves, Mauricio Pauly, Michael Perrett, David Pocknee, Jack Sheen, Laurie Tompkins, John Webb, Nina Whiteman.

Brian Ferneyhough Unity Capsule

Doors: 7 pm
Suggested donation: £5

Proceeds will be donated to Help Musicians UK to support their vital work for musicians.