Beacons | Signs Workshop, Artist Talk & Potluck Dinner
Time: 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Beacons | Signs Workshop, Artist Talk & Potluck Dinner

The Beacons programme closes with the last day of the final exhibition Signs with a workshop, talk and dinner this Saturday 21st April.

1.00-1.30 @ Caustic Coastal
Signs Exhibition tour with Beacons Curator
(1-5pm – Signs is open Beacons | Signs )

2-4 @ Islington Mill Gallery
Nicola Singh | Artist Workshop

5-6 @ Islington Mill Common Room
Verity Birt x Beacons: Artist Talk & Potluck Dinner

6-7 @ Potluck Dinner – BYO Food n Booze to share – Islington Mill Common Room

Beacons is a series of 3 exhibitions, talks, workshops and an accompanying publication with interconnecting threads and tangents exploring our relationships with ourselves and each other within the framework of cyclical time and feminist legacies.

Pharos, Flare and Signs seek to communicate our experiences of time, existence and our bodies through empathetic exchanges with objects, emotional archives, traces left in artefacts; imagining futures and resurfacing histories.

Curated by Rebecca Halliwell Sutton
Supported by Arts Council England