Day of Action to Remember Nature
Time: All Day

Day of Action to Remember Nature

A first Day of Action to Remember Nature for Greater Manchester will take place on 4th November. 

Inspired by the work and Ideas of Gustav Metzger who died in March.  In the summer his Flailing Trees in Whitworth Park was destroyed.  Metzger developed the concept of ‘auto destructive art’ – of which Flailing Trees is a good example.  The Day of Action is the brainchild of Manchester artist Phil Barton.

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It will have two strands, a call for anyone and everyone to take an action to remember nature – and, ideally – to let us know on Twitter or Facebook; in each case the handle is @NatureRemember

The second will be an event held at Islington Mill. During the day, Phil Barton will make an auto-destructive work to remember nature: “Out of sight, Out of mind”.  Alongside this participants will be encouraged themselves to take creative action to remember nature, culminating with a performance involving all participants. 

Salford University and Manchester School of Art students are being approached to take part.

If you would like to express interest in taking part, please contact Phil on

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