Shaun Azrak

Shaun Azrak is a visual artist and music producer. Gifted with synesthesia, Shaun is known for creating visual representations of sound and music.

This specialism has seen him work with numerous well-respected record labels to date. In 2020, he co-founded Grey Meta, a record label that blurs the boundaries of auditory and visual art. The label is home to experimentation and innovation in electronic music and the interpretative visual art it inspires. His musical productions and DJ sets fuse a range of inspiration into a unique blend of jungle, polyrhythmic, broken, hardcore, soulful techno.

Shaun is also focused on experimenting with abstract knots, taking inspiration from the ancient Celtic knotwork of his native Scotland and fusing them with influences from science fiction. He is currently producing “Celtic futurism” pieces at scale, taking his art to urban spaces.

He is open to commissions and interested in talking to potential collaborators.



Instagram: @shaun.azrak

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