Kaskie is a musician and producer from south Wales, now based in Manchester. He is guitarist and frontman of shoegaze sludge band The Death of Money, and one half of post-apocalyptic-witch-techno duo Godspeed You! Peter Andre. Kaskie also has an electronic solo project called Svntreader.

As well as writing and performing, Kaskie works as a recording engineer. He has worked with a variety of artists – including Jarboe from Swans on The Death of Money album, Ghost Pains – and has recorded and mixed the IMPATV attic sessions on location.

Insta : @thedeathofmoney / @godspeedyoupeterandre

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The Death of Money


GY!PA ft. Beau Azra (PONYBOY)

SVNTREADER: SoundcloudBandcamp

IMPATV #056: Oliver Coates: Islington Mill Attic Sessions

IMPATV #247: Ritual Maya: Islington Mill Attic Sessions

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