WORKSHOP: Free Improvisation w/ Kelly Jayne Jones
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

WORKSHOP: Free Improvisation w/ Kelly Jayne Jones

As part of the UK Outlands tour with Matana Roberts in May, Kelly Jayne Jones will lead a series of group workshop sessions that explore improvisation as a means of building community, exploring mindfulness and enabling political expression  sharing the methods, approaches and inspirations present within her sound making practice. Taking inspiration from John Zorn’s Game Pieces the workshops will take an experimental and collaborative approach to composition with participants drawing upon a range of objects, methods, activities and processes along with mindfulness techniques to consider what it is to create sound together.  

“The workshops will interconnect with themes Matana Roberts and I are exploring; to tease out unconscious, interpersonal dynamics that exist within collaborative improvisation. As a group we will employ extended techniques, interplay and discourse within a safe, inclusive atmosphere for participants to explore individual and group dynamics, and personal expression within music making, and to form connections and nurture creative collaborations.” KELLY JAYNE JONES


This workshop is FREE however is limited to 15 participants so booking is essential.
To book a place on this workshop please email  with the subject box ‘Kelly Jayne Jones workshop’


Exploring the spaces within and between improvisation and composition as a means of collective creative expression, workshop participants will engage in processes of communal creativity inspiring interpersonal transformation as a political act.


Matana Roberts & Kelly Jayne Jones play Manchester on Saturday 19th May at The Portico Library with support from Rebekah Reid. Tickets are now on sale.