Wilf Petherbridge & Ben Hauke & present PLAY
Time: 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Wilf Petherbridge & Ben Hauke & present PLAY

The culminating performance of Wilf Petherbridge & Ben Hauk’s Samarbeta Residency at Islington Mill.


During their 10 day residency in the Islington Mill event space, the London based duo will produce a new recording and performance ‘PLAY’ that celebrates public collaboration and inclusion.

This live show will culminate the residency on Friday 18th August which will combine all the recordings, the visuals and some of the duos pre recorded sounds into an hour long immersive performance. Support will be announced in the coming weeks.

The residency aims to introduce people to the treated record method of producing sound. Using a number of instruments and electronic effects pedals, both beginners and experienced music makers alike to learn about this hands on music making method.

During two drop in workshops at Islington Mill (Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th August from 3-7pm each day) and two days out on the streets of Manchester & Salford recording public performances (place & time TBC), Wilf & Ben will share this method of making music with the public and explore the sonic possibilities of the instruments.