Thread / Edit 02
14/02/18 -
Time: All Day

Thread / Edit 02

> Thread {} are a Salford-based collective who create generative artwork that subverts and connects textile heritage using analogue and digital processes. Working with code and human bio data, they produce digital imagery which is interpreted through print and surface pattern.
> Thread {} are interested in how the self can be represented and documented by exploring the connection between the digital and human realm.
For Edit 02, they will be using experimental methods of socially engaged practice; working with a group of young people on a weeklong project at Islington Mill. The group will be immersed in a process led residency to create a body of abstract works which will inform the exhibition.
>Thread {} collective are Vicky Clarke, Cheryl O’Meara and Sally Gilford
*Please note this program features workshops with young people and is not open to the public *