Sun Color, Dwellings & Coatic Sequence // Performance
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sun Color, Dwellings & Coatic Sequence // Performance

Julio Cesar Palacio has been with us for two weeks on a residency here at the Mill from La Escocesa, our partner in Barcelona. To celebrate the end of his time here at the Mill with us, we present a performance of his work alongside a selection of Mill musicians.

Doors at 7pm, Free & BYOB

Facebook event for RSVPs here


Sun Color is the project of Julio César Palacio (Experimental Music Composer, Sound Artist and Architect) founded in 2010.

Born in Venezuela but settled in Barcelona, this artist uses a mixture of analogue sound and digital processing to create abstract, arrhythmic music compositions, exploring oto-acoustics effects and a special use of frequencies, timbres and a dedicated use of sound spatialization.

Moving in the realm of microtonality and reverberation he creates a unique, tenderly orchestrated musical language. Interlarding the mathematical simplicity of sound synthesis with the complex nature of field recordings, he addresses both intellect and emotions. From Microtonality to sustained tones and short-lived consecutive fragments fade in and out of focus in a playful coexistence. Using in his favor the laws of attraction and repulsion and making a structural element out of silence, he creates an organically developing, kaleidoscopic universe.

SUN COLOR has participated in Festivals of international renown like Mutek and realized extensive tours in Europe, USA and Asia, is the Director of the Modular Day Festival (Barcelona), has produced several sound installations and has been invited to Art Residencies as a Guest Composer to the prestigious EMS Electronic Music Studio Of Stockholm in 2015, to the Indigo Foundation in Palermo, Italy in 2017 and to the TEMP-Studio Residency in Lisbon 2018.


Dwellings is the solo project of Chris Haslam. Other projects include Gnod, Dwellings & Druss + Mike O’Neill. Also co- founder of Gesamtkunstwerk clubnights (R.I.P.) & Open Circuit electronic workshops.


Coatic Sequence is a collaborative sound and visual project by Manchester artists Darren Adcock and Tasha Whittle. The project was debuted in 2017 after a collaborative commission for Manchester Science Festival. The pair utilise a hand built modular synthesiser ‘Glyn’ to amplify drawing and improvise visual and sonic compositions.

Each mark made has a sonic effect, each sound produced affects the way the drawing is created. The work with Glyn is playful, physical, chaotic, indeterminable, inclusive, improvised and falls in line with abstract expressionism. There is an infinite amount of sounds that can be synthesised from Glyn and subsequently there are infinite ways drawings can be produced. Both senses (sight and sound) and disciplines (sound and visual) come together in one body of work and the pair are interested in the grey area where they meet.