Studies for Self Knowledge // Workshop with Renata Minoldo
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Studies for Self Knowledge // Workshop with Renata Minoldo

As part of the Beacons programme at Caustic Coastal artist Renata Minoldo presents ‘Studies for Self Knowledge’.

During this workshop we will explore ourselves through sensorial exercises, evoking memories, feelings and emotions. We will work from the inside to the outside, trying to recognise how we perceive our physical and spiritual body and how we inhabit it. We will explore the relationship with others through simple movements, since when we understand how we approach this relationship we also understand ourselves better.

Please prepare yourself for the workshop by eating nourishing food and if possible, drinking only water during at least two days before it. Bring a personal object you will are happy to give away as a present.

Bring a blanket, a water bottle and a yoga mat if you have one. Please wear comfy clothes.

Studies for Self Knowledge is open to anyone who is willing to explore some of these concepts no matter what their background or experience is. All welcome!

It will last three hours with a 10 minute break. Healthy snacks will be provided.

Come along and bring friends!

20 places available, free – please book through eventbrite


Renata Minoldo was born in Rosario, Argentina and is currently based in London, UK. She has a BA in Fashion Design and studied Fine Arts at Uni and going to museums and galleries, participating in workshops, talking with friends and doing crits and residencies. Her non rational activities include practicing yoga and meditation, fasting, running and experimenting with natural psychedelics. Her current practice explores rituals, perception, sensuality and fantasy. As a teaching artist she has been facilitating workshops for adults and children in the UK and Argentina since 2014. She is also member of School of the Damned Class 2018 and is currently exploring alternative learning and teaching methods involving interdisciplinary practices.

Beacons is a programme of 3 exhibitions, talks, workshops and an accompanying publication with interconnecting threads and tangents exploring our relationships with ourselves and each other within the framework of non-linear intergenerational time and feminist legacies.

Beacons is supported by Arts Council England curated by Rebecca Halliwell Sutton

Caustic Coastal is supported by Islington Mill & Salford City Council.