RIDE YOUR PONY: A Biannual International Group Exhibition
05/10/17 -
Time: All Day

RIDE YOUR PONY: A Biannual International Group Exhibition

Ride Your Pony is pleased to present to you its inaugural biannual international group exhibition this October at Islington Mill in Salford, UK. 26 participants from across the globe including an array of Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Artists and Makers have each been invited to create a piece of work to exhibit in response to a lucky dip letter of the alphabet. The brief asked the participants to use their letter which they received in the post as either an object within their work, or as a starting point for them to begin from.

On Thursday 5th of October 5-9pm, the doors will open to the public and invited guests for the exhibition’s launch party where the 26 pieces of work will be on display. A selection of invited participants include: Makers Aliyah Hussain & Mariel Osborn, an Artist and Prop Stylist based at The Engine House at Islington Mill; Andrew Joyce, a UK born Illustrator currently residing in Japan; Ben Jones, a Manchester based Illustrator; Vera Comploj, a New York City based Photographer & Director; Ane Baztarrika, a Pattern & Textile Designer from The Basque Country and Alex Wolkowicz, a Polish / German Photographer and Artist based in New York. To find out more visit www.rideyourpony.club or follow @rideyourpony.club on instagram for regular posts on each of the participants.

The exhibition will remain on view from Fri 6th Oct – Sat 7th Oct, 12-4pm.

Web: rideyourpony.club
Instagram: @rideyourpony.club
Opening Times: Fri & Sat 12pm – 4pm
Admission: FREE. BYOB. The gallery is fully wheelchair accessible

More on Ride Your Pony:
Ride Your Pony was set up in 2017 by Multidisciplinary Graphic Artist Marie Jones also known as Kochi Kochi. It will be a nomadic biannual exhibition inviting new and old guests to participate in its exhibitions and events including recent graduates, educators and professionals from within their respective fields. For the weekend following this year’s exhibition, a residency will be held at Islington Mill’s B&B with participants from the exhibition arriving from Europe and the UK. The residency offers the chance for creatives from differing practices to come together and discuss their work and share their learnt skills with one another.
Confirmed workshops include; Orizomenegami, a Japanese art of folding and dying fabrics with Textile Designer Ane Baztarrika from the Basque Country; Sign Language with Laura Parke, a Designer / Educator based in Liverpool; Digital Machine Knitting with Manchester based Marie Jones and more from Manchester based Hilary Judd and Stina Puotinen.

More on Marie Jones:
KOCHI KOCHI is the moniker of Graphic Artist Marie Jones who works from her studio space at Islington Mill. Marie’s work currently explores various forms from combining computer generated visuals with more traditional and tactile mediums such as needlework and knitting, to photographing still life sets of objects. She has recently finished a residency at Islington Mill as part of Manchester International Festival’s 2017 opening ceremony, ‘What is the City but the People?’ an idea by Artist Jeremy Deller and is currently collaborating with New York born, Manchester based artist Stina Puotinen on Castlefield Gallery’s recent Launch Pad: CURIO CURIA 1-10 Sept, chosen by guest selector Kate Gray, Director of Collective Gallery in Edinburgh and Matthew Pendergast, Castlefield Gallery’s Curator.
Participating Artists Information & Lucky Dip Letters:
A – Vera Comploj – New York
Photographer / Film maker
B – Jonathan Spencer – Liverpool
Senior Lecturer / Graphic Designer / Risographer / Maker
C – Marié Raffeneau – France
D – Alex Wolkowicz – New York
Polish / German Photographer and Artist
E – Hayley Berridge – Liverpool
Multidisciplinary Designer and Creative

F – Stina Puotinen – Manchester
New York born, Manchester based Artist / Educator & occasional Curator

G – Ane Baztarrika – Basque Country
Pattern & Textile Designer

H – Ronan Lecrosnier – France
Art / Music / Digital / Lifestyle

I – Sam Meech – Manchester
Artist & Video Smith

J – Mariel Osborn – Manchester
Prop stylist / Prop & Accessory Maker

K – Seel Garside – Liverpool
Designer / Educator

L – Aliyah Hussain – Manchester
Artist / Maker

M – Hilary Judd – Manchester
Designer / Educator

N – Jonathan Hitchen – Manchester
Graphic Designer – Educator

O – Mike O’Shaughnessy – Liverpool
Illustrator / Lecturer / and other clever stuff!

P – Ian Mitchell – Liverpool
Designer / Lecturer

Q – Nick Griffiths – London
Designer at Hotel Creative

R – Imke Oppenkamp – Liverpool
German born Photographer

S – Adam Griffiths – Manchester
Designer / Director

T – Marie Jones – Manchester
Graphic Artist

U – Natasha Kurth – Manchester

V – Ben Jones – Manchester

W – Elise Zoetmulder – Delft, The Netherlands
Product and Interior Designer

X – Laura Parke – Liverpool
Designer / Educator

Y – Andrew Joyce – Tokyo
UK born Illustrator

Z – Patti Crozier – Sheffield
Interior Designer / Educator / Closet Artist / Wannabe Sculptor