Islington Mill ‘Raise the Roof’  House Party
31/12/16 -
Time: 10:00 pm - 6:00 am

Islington Mill ‘Raise the Roof’ House Party

See in what could be our last ever New Year’s Eve in the old House of the Mill and help us ‘Raise the Roof’ to the new one. (All ticket proceeds go the Islington Mill Capital Fundraiser).

Back from far flung climes for the festive period, we welcome Mill friends and family, to celebrate the turning of the clocks into 2017.

Taking over the Kitchen stereo we have dug up old party favourites CVNT Traxxx, DJ iPhone (GNOD), Iwan Roberts (Pinot Grigio) and DJ Riv.

Meet up with Joyce D’Vision in the bedroom for seven minutes in heaven, play spin the bottle with Trish Dee, beer pong hosted by Madame Puotinen, and we are sure you can expect a Fat Out Karaoke session at some point in the wee hours. What more could you want from a house party?

Ah yes….party specialists, SMS turn things a notch or two to the weird in the living room with Space Afrika, Tom Houghton and Will Boyd.

Roaming through the hallways with live pop-up performances are new found TV Superstars Guts for Garters, visual conception and decoration provided by Mariel Osborn (Volkov Commanders) and creative construction from Sounds From the Other City, Fat Out and the one-off return of Off with Their Heads.