Plan C present Revolution in Rojava?
06/02/16 -
Time: 8:00 pm - 3:00 am

Plan C present Revolution in Rojava?

Conference & Fundraiser

Plan C is an organisation of people who are politically active in their workplaces and communities. We work together to support each other, amplify our struggles and think strategically.


During the early days of the Syrian Revolution the Kurds in the north of the country (Rojava) freed themselves from dictator Bashar al-Assad’s control and declared their autonomy as three federated cantons. Despite being under attack from ISIS the Kurds began implementing a series of social changes focused on local democratic control (democratic confederalism), feminism, and ecology. Local policing, education, and the provision of public resources have also been re-organised in accordance with these principles. At the start of this year the large ISIS offensive against the city of Kobane was successfully defeated and the momentum shifted in favour of the Rojavan forces. With the support of international volunteers, some Syrian forces, and US airstrikes the space controlled by Rojavan forces has tripled. Whilst Turkey is hostile to the Rojavan experiment just across its border, it is currently unable to seriously hinder its progress due to Russian and American support. Instead, the Turkish state is currently attacking leftists and Kurdish communities within its own borders in a bid to stop the developments in Rojava spreading northwards.

We will bring together several speakers to discuss the historical origins, current developments, and, future challenges and opportunities that the situation in Rojava throws up. These speakers will come from a variety of perspective and we hope to have an honest, open, and comradely discussion about the situation and both the potentials and limits of the social struggle in motion in Rojava.

*** Speakers ***

* Dr Jeff Miley: Dr Miley is a sociology lecturer at Cambridge University. He has visited Rojava and has given many lectures on the topic.

* Erdelan Baran: Member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK).

* A member of our Rojava Solidarity Cluster, based in Leeds, also involved with Leeds Friends of Rojava.

Whilst being under no illusions about the realities of social struggle*, Plan C formed its Rojava Solidarity Cluster* to publicise the struggle in the region and provide direct solidarity. We organised a fundraising drive before Christmas which raised over £5,000 for Rojava and Kurdish communities in the UK and continue to spread information and analysis about the ongoing struggle. We hope this event will be an opportunity to introduce the topic to people new to the issue whilst also developing and building our collective debate and analysis on the situation. We recognise that mere discussion and messages of solidarity are not enough so we will also be hosting a fundraising party afterwards (

*** Tickets ***

This will be a free event but we ask for attendees to register their interest via Eventbrite:

*For more on our perspective on Rojava and international solidarity, read our statement here:




Join us for a night of dancing and partying to raise funds for Rojava. Music provided by a host of decent DJ’s playing a variety of electronic music. We will also be exhibiting art and photography inspired by the social struggle in Rojava. All money going to projects in the region. We shouldn’t really need to sell this one, it will be good fun for a good cause so come on down.

Oh, and it’s our 4th Birthday 😉

* * * DJs * * *

* Carly (Ladyfest)

* DJ All Inclusive (

* Dj Snackwave (

Others TBA: expect a mix of electro, disco, house, techno, grime, and other styles of electronic music.

* * * Tickets * * *

Price: £6 solidarity price (recommended), £4 unwaged. £7/£5 on the door. Please get in touch if you can’t afford this in advance so that we can sort something out.

This party follows our discussion event “Revolution in Rojava?” (