PERFORMANCE // The Yellow Umbrella – An Unfinished Conversation
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

PERFORMANCE // The Yellow Umbrella – An Unfinished Conversation

The Yellow Umbrella—An Unfinished Conversation by artist Chun Hua Catherine Dong

About the Performance

Duration: 90 minutes

The Yellow Umbrella—An Unfinished Conversation” is a performance that involves twelve performers engaging with yellow umbrellas. The umbrella is a symbol of protection and resistance. This performance seeks an intersection where aesthetics and politics ignite each other, exploring how symbolic and situational behaviors impact on our perception in regards to specific social movements and activism. It is relevant to open conversations about how to transform social and political landscapes through embodied gestures, examining relationships between the citizens and the place they live, between what they have lost and what they have gained in social political transformations.

More about the work: an-unfinished- conversation/


Chun Hua Catherine Dong, born in China, is a visual artist working with performance, photography, and video. She received a M.F.A. from Concordia University and a B.F.A from Emily Carr University Art & Design in Canada. She has performed in multiple international performance art festivals and venues, such as, The Great American Performance Art in New York (2015), Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival in Chicago (2015), Infr’Action in Venice (2013), Dublin Live Art Festival in Dublin (2014), Miami Performance International Festival (2016), Kaunas Biennial in Lithuania (2013), Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn (2014), Select Art Fair in New York (2015), ENCUENTRO Performance and Conference in Santiago (2016), Internationales Festival für Performance in Mannheim(2013), Place des Arts in Montreal (2014), and so on. She has exhibited her works at Fernando Pradilla Gallery in Madrid (2016), The Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow (2015), Gera Museum in Vrsac (2014), New Art Center in Boston (2014), The Others Art Fair in Turin (2014), Delhi Photo Festival in Delhi (2013), The Aine Art Museum in Tornio (2013), VMU art gallery “101” in Kaunas (2014), Art Museum at University of Toronto in Toronto (2014), Articule in Montreal (2014), and Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver (2014). Her video work has been screened in Brazil, Mexico, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Colombia, Spain, The Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, China, USA, and Canada. Among many other awards and grants, she is the recipient of Franklin Furnace Award for contemporary avant-garde art in New York in 2014. Her performance is featured at Marina Abramovic Institute and listed amongst the ‘‘Top Nine Political Art Projects of 2010’’ by Art and Threat magazine. Dong now lives in Montreal. Website:

THE CERA PROJECT founded during the Spring of 2016 by the independent curator Inês Valle, departs from the premise if the world is flat, as the prophets of globalization proclaim, then what happens on the underside and is envisage as an itinerant platform for the promotion and exhibition of arts on an international level, that aims to focus on dialogues with the Global narratives. THE CERA PROJECT encourages the development of critical engagement between artists, curators, writers, scientists and collectors through an umbrella of different kind of art projects. Website:

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