Penultimate Press : ‘The Pancrace Project’
Time: 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Penultimate Press : ‘The Pancrace Project’

Penultimate Press & Cuspeditions present… The Pancrace Project

Music for pipe organ Stiehr-Mockers 1848, bird whistles, Baroque Violin, Irish Flutes, Boîtes à Bourdons, Landscape Piano, Motorised Bows, Standuino Pi Synth, Microphones, Hurgy Toys, AM radio, Church Bells, Uillean Pipes and Hulusi Flutes.

Pancrace is a unique improvising quintet comprising French, British and Austrian performers. The members include Prune Bécheau, Arden Day, Julien Desailly, Léo Maurel and Jan Vysocky. Pancrace is also the name of the church in Dangolsheim Alsace and is next to where the instrument inventor Léo Maurel, known for his ingeniously designed instruments inspired by the hurdy gurdy, lives.

In Pancrace one can hear a radical new music comprised of many of Léo’s shape-shifting instruments and devices being utilised without knowing which are bowed, plucked, hammered or rubbed. The results are a maelstrom of sound and song which see-saw between the harrowing and the sublime with incredible detail to sonic content.

One of the most exciting debut’s to arrive in recent times the material recorded at Saint-Pancrace/Dangolsheim in April 2015 will be
Published on double vinyl by Penultimate Press

Support comes from the newly formed

Psychic Sister Pseudo Séance Band
Psykick Dancehall


TICKETS £5 unwaged / £7 waged OTD