Northwest Zinefest 2016
Time: 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

Northwest Zinefest 2016

Northwest Zinefest 2016 is on its way. Last year we hosted 30+ zinesters, four ace workshops, a pop up Salford Zine Library and a few hundred nice people having a nose around. This year we’re hoping it’s going to be even better.

This year’s zinefest is going to be at Islington Mill on June 18th. Stick it in your diary, invite your friends and keep your eye on this event page/the Northwest Zinefest twitter for more updates.

This event will be *FREE ENTRY* but we’ll have some donations buckets floating around on the day if you wanna support both Northwest Zinefest and Salford Zine Library by chucking us some of your change. No pressure whatsoever though!

Cool Schmool Zines
your pretty face is going straight to hell/vampire sushi distro
Will Be Betrayed/Opinionated Nobody
Fault and Fracture
Highgreen Dawn
First Time/Conversation With Strangers/S(PACE)
The Mancunian Way
Illustrated Women in History
Adventures in Menstruating
Fan Club Notts
Shape & Situate/Colouring Outside The Lines
pen fight distro
The Selfish Dream
Chisel Tip zine and Post-Culture distro
The Screever Zine
NOUS magazine
Naïf Press
Bi Community News
Black Lodge Press
Kitty Collector zines
Kim Searle
Spaghetti Zine
Rum Lad
Love You Like A Sister
Sugar Paper
Resist Psychic Death!
3 Paw Press
Stirred Press
One Way Ticket to Cubesville
About a Girl/In the Year of the Rabbit
Fanzine Ynfytyn
The hysterical girls guide to self harm scars and stigma and I am, I am, I am
2nd Hand Zine/Memory Card Zine
Nails Emoji
The Chapess
Communal table jam packed with stuff from loads of ace people. Send us an email if you want to sell a couple of zines but haven’t got a table.

11.45-12.45 Monoprinting Workshop by Kim Searle – £3.50 to cover materials – Please book in advance so we can get the materials – we will release tickets the week before the zinefest

1.15– 2.15 Music Zines run by Olivia from the Young People’s Music Project – Free

2.30 – 3.30 Drop in zine-making and badge-making by Pen Fight Distro and Synchronise Witches Press – Zine-making is free and suggested donation of 10p/15p per badge to cover materials.

3.30-4.30 Zine readings (inc Chris Clavin (Captain Chaos/Ghost Mice/Plan-It-X Records/ Operation: Cliff Clavin) doing a cool reading at 3:30pm followed by an “open mic” zine reading type thing after).
Check out the Northwest Zinefest website for more info:
Tweet us at @nwzinefest