LUNGS // by Synda Sova & Fragile X
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

LUNGS // by Synda Sova & Fragile X


An Islington Mill Heritage Event

Synda Sova and Fragile X present LUNGS, new audio-visual work.

PLUS album launch by Synda Sova.

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Islington Mill is undergoing a major renovation and expansion of the building we call home. Lime was a principal material used in the construction of the mill in the 1820s. It is a uniquely durable and versatile material deeply embedded in our heritage.

In March 2021 we launched an artist call-out to find a creative response to this intriguing material that would complement our transformative building process.

The successful applicants were Synda Sova and Fragile X with a piece entitled LUNGS.

LUNGS is a sonic and visual exploration evoking lime as the lungs of the mill. A carbon neutral building material, lime absorbs CO2 and moisture, is soft, porous, flexible, durable and versatile. It allows the building to BREATHE.

Considering lime as the lungs of the building is more than a metaphor for Islington Mill which is the lungs of the arts community, providing oxygen, process, sustainability, LIFE!

LUNGS has inhaled field recordings via contact mics and site-specific atmospheric real time captures, and transfers these sonically into a breathing rhythm soundscape unique to the lime that created it.

This soundscape exists alongside projection video work created by Fragile X, incorporating neon lungs interlaced with lime imagery and other site-specific sourced visuals pulsating with breath, representing past, present and future, amplified to fill a space that the audience can immerse themselves within.

The piece sonicises the journey absorbed within the building from the industrial revolution that created it to the industriousness of the creatives now within it. What stories, atmosphere, experiences and energies has the lime absorbed across this time, how will these lungs process this to breathe new life into its own future?


This event will premiere LUNGS, with a short conversation with Synda Sova, followed by the debut of Synda Sova’s new album, BREAKING ICE (Bricolage Records).

Free event but please book. If you can’t book it’s fine to just turn up, all are welcome.


Thursday 25 November, 6.30pm–8.30pm

The Fridge, Unit 2, Regent Trading Estate, Oldfield Road, behind Islington Mill


Artist biogs

Synda Sova is a being of the most Northern part of the hemisphere. A hermit who has long survived alone in the icy, barren land, the knotted forests and frozen waters, using her wit, close kindred and developing relationship with nature. Cast out from her family and community she is surviving trauma, grief and loss, harnessing natural and neon Magick from between the cracks, and learning a new way to live and breathe that is intrinsic with the land and the Magick she can make there. Waking from beneath this frozen lake and swimming to the shore. Raising arms and casting fires aflame with sparks and shouts and yells and screams and absolute support and synergy from the forest which birthed her, the lake which birthed her, the earth which birthed her, the rain clouds which birthed her, the oxygen in her lungs which birthed itself in perpetual life, sex, dance, stars, rebirth, sleep, swim. Sleep swim, sleep swim, sleep swim, sleep swim.

Fragile X works in Sound Design/Production/AV, and in sleep research (as Leit Motif). He is the label owner of Bricolage Records, existing “somewhere between the chaos and the calm.


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