Library of Change // Potluck & Discussion
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Library of Change // Potluck & Discussion

Join us for Library of Change, an exploration of the words that fuel creative change-making. 

Weds 6th June 
6.30 for 7 pm start – 9.30 pm
Followed by Potluck Dinner 
(Please bring a dish to share, enough for 1 person, can be home cooked or shop bought)

You are invited to bring the book (or books!) that have most influenced your thinking and making this year. During the evening, we will informally exchange favourite quotes, insights and questions that have opened up new thinking, action and inspiration. 

Don’t feel pressured to prepare – even if you can’t choose a book, just come along and join in the conversation. 

The Backstory

Library of Change was started by Sholeh Johnston and Line Langebek who met on a writing residency about social change. Everyone needs soul food – creative, social and environmental change work can be tough, busy and lonely, and the Library of Change is one response that we devised to meet a desire to connect with people outside our usual circles, share inspiration, and expose ourselves to new content and perspectives. We also never have enough time to read everything we’d like to, and these meet ups have left us feeling like we’ve read ten books in an evening, and re-fuelled from deep, challenging and beautiful conversations!

Listen to our podcasts from previous events, and read pieces by Library of Change contributors to get a feel for the initiative here