Islington Mill Art Academy Meet Up
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Islington Mill Art Academy Meet Up

Are you curious about the Islington Mill Art Academy? Join us this Wednesday for a potluck to meet current members, find out more about what we’re up to, and how to get involved.

Can’t make it in person? Get in touch if you would like to come to the next Art Academy session:

What IS the Islington Mill Art Academy?

Islington Mill Art Academy (IMAA) is a peer-led experiment into alternative modes of art education, tailored to meet the needs of artists striving to develop their creative practice alongside full-time day jobs. Founded in 2007, IMAA emphasises shared responsibility. A forerunner in the alternative art schools movement, it was set up in response to student fees and the debate around the relevance and usefulness of mainstream art education.

IMAA is open to anyone who would like to be an artist and who is interested in taking responsibility for, and direction of, the way in which they intend to do this. Its nature changes with its membership; each member is invited to bring their own ideas and energy. It is designed to encourage and support an artist’s development, giving them the confidence to take risks, fail and try again. To make, break; repeat.

The Mill’s ethos is based around an openness to try new things. It is a place to experiment and enquire; to translate arts education into something viable and meaningful in the real world. IMAA gives artists an opportunity to take control of their own learning through facilitation, practice and experimentation.

There is no differentiation between professor and pupil at IMAA, and no set courses; simply a shared learning experience quest for understanding. Members seek out resources and employ ‘art method’ towards diverse – and not necessarily artistic – outcomes. Whilst the nature of IMAA is fluid, it is underpinned by a willingness to share ideas and to embrace each other’s skills and knowledge.

Weekly Wednesday Potlucks

Islington Mill is open to the public (almost) every Wednesday for a rotating series of lectures, film nights, artist critiques & hands on workshops as an addition to our potluck tradition.

Doors are at 6:00pm for food in the 1st floor Common Room & event times will be as announced week to week.

All are welcome to attend either the potluck or the event, or both!