Introduction to Cyanotype Printing / Half Day Workshop
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Introduction to Cyanotype Printing / Half Day Workshop

Artist: Joe Ford

The cyanotype process is a beautiful and easy to use photographic technique that was first developed 170 years ago. To create an image you place objects or designs onto the light-sensitive cyanotype solution and expose it to light, the resulting image is a striking blue image; each one varying in tone.

During the workshop participants will learn how to coat and develop their own length of photographic fabric, how to use the process and what tools are required to carry on experimenting with the process at home.

Participants are encouraged to bring with them natural items such as leaves and flowers as well as simple outline illustrations on paper; these can be traced onto acetate and used in the artwork.

Suitable for ages 16+ and any ability.  No previous experience is necessary; just an interest in art, nature and/or photography.

18th November 2018

11am – 2pm


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