Time: 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm


IMPLFN is free and open to all. Bring a dish, bring some booze. Hangs from 6.30, film around 8-8.30

We’re coming in weird and we’re coming in topical!! Brian Yuzna’s 1989 overlooked ruling class horror gem SOCIETY!!

From the mind that brought you Reanimator, From Beyond, and erm, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, SOCIETY sees Bill Whitney a wealthy Californian in a mansion in Beverly Hills, He’s popular at his high school, looks to be a shoo-in for class president, has a cute cheerleader girlfriend and owns a new Jeep Wrangler to drive around in.

Despite this, he feels as though he does not fit in with his family or their high-society friends.

When his sister’s ex-boyfriend Blanchard gives him a surreptitiously recorded tape of what sounds like his family engaged in a vile, murderous orgy, Bill begins to suspect that his feelings are justified.Incredible special effects and make up by Screaming Mad George SOCIETY puts a fist up America’s hidden dynastic structure, pulling them inside out so that the terrible things underneath are revealed for all to see, a veritable orgy of influences assimilated into something singular & entirely sui generis!!

Weekly Wednesday Potlucks

Islington Mill is open to the public every Wednesday for a rotating series of lectures, film nights, artist critiques & hands on workshops as an addition to our potluck tradition.

We host food from 6pm & the evening’s event will start from 7:30pm or as announced.

All are welcome to attend either the potluck or the event, or both!

More info for upcoming weeks TBA.