Soul Houses: Islington Mill Art Academy workshop

Soul Houses: Islington Mill Art Academy workshop

4pm to 8.30pm followed by Potluck Dinner (please bring a dish to share)

Free to attend

Islington Mill resident artist Pascal Nichols will lead this workshop exploring the ancient tradition of ‘Soul Houses’ – ceramic maquettes of tombs used in Ancient Egypt. Much like the function of Egyptian soul houses as vessels for funerary offerings, Pascal’s sculptures become a receptacle or platform for ongoing additions of ceramic material. He views the sculptures as having no fixed end, in a state of continual flux, albeit with interventions and interruptions.


In this workshop Pascal will present some of his recent work, demonstrate some clay-forming techniques and explain some technical aspects of the ceramic process. You will then be invited to come up with your own experiments using tools and materials from my studio. The focus of the activity is to explore what can be done to the clay, rather than what can be made with the clay.


No previous experience necessary. More info:

Islington Mill Art Academy (IMAA) is our free peer-led art school. It is open to anyone who wants to be an artist. Learning activities (workshops, crits, coaching, group residencies and projects) are shared and led by the ideas and energy of current student-members. The Academy is not formally accredited; students choose to graduate when they feel ready to work more independently as artists.

Currently we meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month (with optional extra time for group projects), followed by a potluck dinner. We encourage anyone interested in joining to attend an upcoming session to discover if it is the right approach for you. Please get in touch for details:
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