Grrrls on Top: ‘Gender-Bender’ Party
30/01/16 -
Time: 7:00 pm - 2:00 am

Grrrls on Top: ‘Gender-Bender’ Party

Join us for an evening of crossdressing, serenaded by a select line-up of DJs and performers for an undergound Grrrls disco.

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The Grrrls on Top gender-bender party celebrates the mysterious beauty inherent in androgyny through crossdressing and dancefloor liberation with a safe space policy. We liberate our genders from the confines of societal expectations through dress, make-up and dance, and YOU must join us in this liberation! Help us take down the barriers of society, and let us become men that sparkle and women that screw, and everything in between. Let us behold ourselves from the ‘other’ side and let our assigned genders not precede us. For one night, let us be free.

We invite you to take part in a ceremonial liberating of your gender boundaries by experimenting through dress, costume and make-up. DJs and performers will play everything from femm-punk to acid-techno, this party is not for the light-hearted. We aim to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance not without a hint of hedonism, and we are all responsible for the co-creation and facilitation of the space. Anyone who does not adhere to our safe space policy will be asked to leave.


Line up:

Grrrls on Top DJs (femme-punk, bass, electro-disco)

Child (techno)

Man with Feathers (live acid)


Live choreography

Your expression corner

Grrls on Top ‘zine on sale


We welcome people of all genders, and will be operating a strict code of freedom to express for all. We are all responsible on the night for creating an atmosphere of openness, tolerance and acceptance. Any abusers will be asked to leave.