Floating on the surface of knowledge // Exhibition
12/07/18 -
Time: All Day

Floating on the surface of knowledge // Exhibition

Mollie Milton & Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton bring together speculative new works into a constellation of exchanges, objects and ideas with overlaying meaning. They float on the surface of knowledge, enable the amateur and explore intuitive responses to the intangible, allowing the irrational.

Collaging and collapsing linear time via images and objects; visual metaphors anchor us. The experience of time is completely internal, bound by emotion and thought.

Incoherent information and abstract thought seeks non-verbal modes of communication and visual language.

Oscillating between fact, fiction, archaeology & mythology ‘Floating on the surface of knowledge’ explores the slip between these sometimes conflicting modes of communication, it proposes the inherent value in seeking connections and similarities.


Open hours:
Fri 13th 12-5
Sat 14th 11-5
Islington Mill Gallery Space, M3 5HW

RSVP for the PV on Thursday 12 July 6 – 9pm via Facebook