Films for Corbyn Opening: The Hard Stop
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Films for Corbyn Opening: The Hard Stop

FILMS FOR CORBYN in partnership with The Black Film Club

Suggested donation on the door: £5 solidarity, £3 unwaged.

Please register at the following link and bring your donation on entry. Any spare places or no-shows will be given on a first come first served basis at the door:

THE HARD STOP – a film by George Amponsah
BACK ON THE LINE – a short film by Simon Youel and Josh Stewart
Speakers: We are very pleased to be joined by Carole Duggan and Claudia Webbe (Labour NEC)
Spoken word: Mark Mace Smith

Jeremy Corbyn has campaigned for the rights of migrant communities and the working class throughout his political life, from fighting for the rights of migrant workers at Grunwick in the 1970s, to more recently calling for increased accountability and justice for those who have died at the hands of the police. Films for Corbyn presents an evening of films and discussion looking at the lives of BAME communities in Britain, the continuing struggle for equality in the System, and employment conditions & access to opportunities. We will ask the audience to consider why after more than 20 years since the Stephen Lawrence murder are we still facing the same questions about systematic racism in the police force and other institutions of Britain?

“A riot is the language of the unheard” – Dr Martin Luther King

August marks 5 years since the shooting of unarmed Mark Duggan by police in London and the subsequent 2011 riots across the country. The Hard Stop is an insightful film about Mark’s life, death, and the struggles of his family and friends while they grieve and still seek justice to this day.

But what this film also expands on is the long term tensions of the brutal policing of Black working class neighbourhoods, institutional racism, and unemployment. We particularly see how this history has molded the lives of two of Mark’s friend’s, and their efforts to turn things around despite the system. This film is about Black people in Britain, the working class, and the injustices in holding the police to account – it is a must see for socialists.

Watch the trailer here:
“The Hard Stop shows us the humans behind the headlines” – The Guardian

Back on the line is a short film by local film makers Simon Youel and Josh Stewart which centres around the experience of five activists during the Grunwick strike of 1976-1978.

It shows how the Grunwick strike was a strike which united workers who had previously been divided by racial lines, but also a strike which heralded in the kind of police violence we were to see in the struggles of the 1980s, and which have continued to this day.

Funds raised from this event will go to the Manchester & Trafford Momentum campaign fund and to support the Duggan family.