Filho da Mãe / Jibóia / Ricardo Martins
Time: 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Filho da Mãe / Jibóia / Ricardo Martins

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Filho da Mãe

Filho da mãe por Renato Cruz Santos_3

Free falling, head diving into the earth’s core, into stone turned sea where crystals are formed. It was in search of the escape velocity of each stone’s gravity, where the cold is nowhere to be found, that Rui Carvalho, aka Filho da Mãe, recorded the songs in “Mergulho” – in Rendufe’s Monastery, in Amares, deep in the North of Portugal. In his new full-length record, Filho da Mãe became unstuck in time and diluted in the space surrounding him, making his music, so unique, as permeable as ever to his new condition — what he took, he returned more melodic, sweeter, challenging his previous outbursts. “Mergulho” is Filho da Mãe’s most adventurous endeavor, where organic and electronic clash in beautiful, mind-bending music, transforming modulation ino organic guitar sounds, and melody into texture.


JIBOIA cred_VeraMarmelo 08

The work of Óscar Silva, prolific musician based in Lisbon, Portugal (also a member of Papaya and I Had Plans) is the direct result of foreplay with his Casio, his pedals and his experimental trips. His latest release, “Badlav”, was entirely composed by Óscar and his accomplice Ana Miró (Sequin), whose voice also stars in this release. Conceptually, “Badlav” consists of four songs that represent the four phases of the world in the Hindu philosophy, starting from the beginning of life until its collapse. And then everything all over again, it represents a non-ending cycle.

Ricardo Martins

+ DJ set from Paddy Shine