Fanatic Magazine Tour
15/10/16 -
Time: All Day

Fanatic Magazine Tour

The Fanatic Magazine Tour:



Residency : 12th – 16th October 2016

Exhibition at Islington Mill, Salford: 15th + 16th October 2016

From 30th September ’til 23rd October French connection of Atelier McClane and DISPARATE are travelling the British Ilses on the search for collaboration, print-o-philes, zine lovers alike. The Fanatic Magazine Tour will take them from Bristol to Brighton, London and finally Manchester. From 12th – 16th October the Fanatics would like to invite you to an all consuming trip into the world of RISO, screen printing, self-publishing and skill sharing! The results of the fanatic discoveries will culminate in a two day exhibition at the Islington Mill gallery space before the French tour de force will carry on to Glasgow, Liverpool, Chester and finally back to Brighton where the magic started.

If you are fanatic about magazines and print we’d love to hear from you and meet you during our stay in Manchester. Get in touch with temporary fanatic press officer Lisa via to find out more about workshops, walking tours and collaboration.

About Atelier McClane:

Atelier McClane is an artist duo hailing from Rennes, France. Formed in early 2013, Julia Crinon and Hugo Marchal have been involved in various collaborations and solo shows embracing large scale mural illustration, screen printing, installation and print publications. Atelier McClane is one body working restlessly with four hands!


 DISPARATE basically describes a motley patchwork of bits and pieces, sharp contrast, variation, remix! This sums up the essence of the project: DISPARATE gather creations from all over in one place, to show the richness and profusion, disseminating them to an audience equally disparate.

The permanent DISPARATE zine-library is located in Bordeaux. Ten square meters is dedicated to print restlessly growing their collection of eclectic publications. DISPARATE works as a co-operatives maintaining a creative economy, always supportive each other.

Membership is open to all and is 10 € per year providing an opportunity for artists who wish to show, share and sell their work. The association makes no profit on the sales. DISPARATE also organise workshops, exhibitions and themed events throughout the year.

The mobile Fanzinothèque moves round regularly in Bordeaux but also everywhere in France and