Destruction Unit / Gnod / TV Crime / Aggressive Perfector / Exxxekutioner / Bloody Head / Denim & Leather
Time: 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Destruction Unit / Gnod / TV Crime / Aggressive Perfector / Exxxekutioner / Bloody Head / Denim & Leather

£5 ADV

DESTRUCTION UNIT (Sacred Bones Records)

Destruction Unit are a band from Arizona. Destruction Unit play loud rock music. A spiritual odyssey of sadomasochistic self-loathing with songs about love and freedom. The world is a sick place and Destruction Unit is it’s medicine.

Destruction Unit started in 2000 in Memphis, Tennessee as a synth-punk solo project by Ryan Rousseau (with the help of his brother Rusty at the keyboards) with a self-produced single; the first two albums were released with Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout of the Lost Sounds. After these first recordings Ryan Rousseau went back to Arizona and restarted the band with a new line up and a new psychedelic oriented sound.

GNOD make GNOISE; a churning scree of incandescent tumult that feels less like rock ‘n’ roll than an anonymously delivered pummelling to the head and guts in some dark alley late one Saturday night. GNOD’s is a singularly British noise too. Yes, there are vague nods to early Swans but only a band playing in the ruins of what Cameron et al have done to this once green and pleasant land could raise such a conflagration as “Mirror”. Whatever your musical taste, you need this album in your life immediately. No ifs, buts or maybes.

One of the finest new punk bands i’ve heard this year. Replacements styled hazy Dü-ism’s from whooooooo! tropical Nottingham (ex-LOVVERS / VIRALS / GUILTY PARENTS)

From the rehearsal demo i’ve heard, it sounds like payday in a tarmacer’s pub. A blend of Flipper/Brainbombs etc. (current MOLOCH / ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS)

Evil blackened thrash from deepest darkest Scald-ford! Sleeveless leather jackets, Poundland Aviators and an evil gnome on vocals!

Manchester’s favourite cemetery-lurking, bullet-belt wielding NWOBHM ding-dongs. Freshly back from terrorising the traffic on the Mancunian Way!

Charity shop combing, Rock Radio listening, hard-boiled golden eggs in the nests! Carrying the weight of the whole Manchester punk scene whilst doing a one handed press-up.